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Bombay Shaving Company (Product Review)


Bombay Shaving Company is brainchild of four friends who always had a question in their mind that why are people spending lavishly on multiple blade shaving system in the market, where one has to keep on changing the cartridge and finally result in paying a huge amount every time for a perfect shave?

They came up with an idea to make people aware that even a single blade is more than enough to give one a perfect shave and that was the time they decided to present the same old trend back to all of us in an improved and advanced version for the next generation and to make them aware and enlighten that it’s totally perfect to invest on a Shaving Kit once instead of keep on buying those expensive cartridges.


To be very frank, at first instance, I was not confident enough with that thought as I myself used to those multiple blade shave but, when I had a first time hands-on experience of this beautiful single blade shaving system then I realised that how wrong do we think. As even after using a razor that has multiple blades, I wasn’t able to get such closer shave that I was unaware of since now. And this has given me more clean look as compared to those multiple blades shaving systems.

To be very truthful, I’ve been using this brand since more than 6-7 months and this brand had always kept my spirits higher as while I was using this brand, one fine day I got a free refill of blades sponsored by the brand itself and later on after few days they delivered a new metal piece again absolutely free of charge as it was new design to give more closer shave and I was really impressed by the care after sale Bombay Shaving Company have done.



On their official website, one can choose before placing an order that what exactly they’re looking for. You can go with a complete kit with everything required for a perfect shave, either you can select their creams and shaving brush or else, you can just order their precision safety razor with feather blades. As I wanted a complete experience, I decided to go for a complete kit which is also known as 6-part shaving system includes;

* PRECISION SAFETY RAZOR : With customised engraving to give you the personal touch (NOTE : One can mention maximum of 3 characters only)

* FEATHER BLADES : Pack of platinum coated stainless steel 20 blades that cut the hair on contact. (NOTE : Trust me, one stroke is more than enough)

* PRE-SHAVE SCRUB : Black sand scrub enriched with Vitamin E and soothing Aloe Vera extracts (NOTE : Helps in bump-proof & excellent shave)

* SHAVING CREAM : Creates, rich and creamy lather that lubricated your face and prepares it for the perfect cut.

* SHAVING BRUSH : Crafted from synthetic fibre bristles whichever your whiskers for a perfect and a smooth shave.

* POST-SHAVE BALM : I am very sensitive when it comes to after shave balms as I trust only the best and I used to use biggest of the brands for it. But, after this balm, I save a lot if money and its classy and masculine fragrance may bowl you over as well.


* 6-PART SHAVING SYSTEM – Which includes, 1 precision safety razor, 20 feather blades, 1 pre-shave scrub, 1 shaving cream, 1 shaving brush, 1 post-shave balm & a complimentary dab to clean up your face. This whole kit shall cost you INR 2,995.00/- only.

* 3-STEP SHAVING REGIMEN – Which includes, 1 pre-shave scrub, 1 shaving cream, 1 shaving brush & 1 post-shave balm. This kit shall cost you INR 1,595.00 only.

* PRECISION SAFETY RAZOR SYSTEM – Which includes, 1 precision safety razor & 10 feather blades. This shall cost you INR 1,845.00 only.


My final verdict says that this Shaving Kit is a must have for all those mens who never had tried single blade shaving system just the way I never tried and but once if you will try it, I am definitely sure that you won’t be able to switch back to the multi shaving blades and spend like lavish money buying just the razor every now and then. I would give it a big thumbs up to it and it’s a must have essential as a part of every man’s wardrobe.